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About Us

Decades of Experience

Our mandate when developing educational programs is to ensure that we 

  • develop all content following sound instructional design concepts
  • provide practical information that participants can immediately use 
  • present each session in a lively, interactive and engaging manner

Our first communication courses were taught in 1972 under the name the Roning Group Incorporated.  We changed our name to RGI International in 1994 when we exapaned our offices to the US and Canada. (Although we have told RGI should represent "Really Great Information", it comes from our original name.)  

In 2012 we lauched the Center for Technical and Engineering Leadership (CTEL) and expanded our courses offerings to address the skill gap as techncial professionals advance into more visible leadership roles.

Several of our current clients date back to the 1970s and the key to our long-term relationships is the way we approach our training. All of our courses are dynamic, practical and allow participants to interact with other participants and the instructors to practice the concepts and techniques they learn. We work with a client to develop a course that meets the training, timing and budgeting constraints.

Our founder, Ron Blicq, developed RGI's unique Pyramid Method of WritingTM which is a visual method for organizing information. It allows you to answer questions about the content and place it into specific logical compartments. We adapt this structure for both writing and speaking situations. Technical people particularly love this approach because writing or speaking becomes a formula; something technical people relate to.

All RGI Instructors have technical backgrounds combined with business and leadership experience.


Excellent. I recommend this to anyone in the technical fields whose work entails any written communications.

The course was very well structured and the instructor’s charisma and sense of humor helped us stay focused.

One of the best seminars I have attended in my 30-year career.

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Help your staff succeed in managing and leading others. RGI's affiliate, The Center for Engineering and Technical Leadership ™ (CTEL), offers courses and programs to develop your next generation of leaders.

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