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Does RGI International provide a certificate of course completion?

If the client specifically asks for a certificate, we can provide course completion certificates branded with your organization and RGI.

How "technical" are your Technical Writing courses?

In the classroom, we tailor the technical level to suit the participants. If all of the participants are engineers and scientists within the same field or organization, then the technical level and types of documents is high. If the group is mixed, with various technical levels and disciplines, we adjust the level to suit the group make-up.

The mix of the audience will determine the technical level of our examples and the type of content. For example, in a mixed group, we present the concepts and ask participants to explain how they would adapt the technique to their particular environment or situations. In a fully technical classroom, we can use examples that are more technical. However, we tend to avoid being too specific to the audience’s field so they will focus on the concepts rather than re-engineer the situation or solution.

Where do you conduct your classes?

We deliver our classes onsite, using a client facility or a nearby venue to make it easy for participants to attend. Our open registration classes are delivered in selected cities at selected venues, depending on the demand.

Do you offer courses in Canada or other countries?

Yes. We will go anywhere anyone needs us to go. Our instructors have been to Northern Manitoba, the Yukon, London, Moscow, Dortmund, and Guernsey, to name a few places.

We work directly with a company, organization, or professional society that will arrange the facilities and registration process.

How can I get a brochure of your course offerings?

Take a look at the Courses menu on the website for information about our offerings. If you don’t see what you are looking for let us know and we will get you what you need to make a decision. Email or call 1-866-744-3032.

What do you mean by a “blended” class?

Some people prefer online courses and some prefer in person training. Our “blended” format offers a bit of each. Basic content can be covered in webinars in advance of an instructor led classroom session. This format works well, especially in organizations that need to minimize travel costs or billable hours.

How long are your courses?

The length of the course depends on the content, level of detail, and practical exercises we include. We work with our clients to develop a learning experience which addresses the participants’ needs yet remains with in budget and time constraints.

We can offer short one-hour conference or lunchtime sessions, half-day workshops, or full to multi-day courses. Call us at 1-866-744-3032 or email us at to discuss your requirements.

Do you offer refreshers as well as the course itself?

If that is what you need, we can present a proposal to include that option.

Do we have to use a Purchase Order for payment or can we put it on a credit card?

We will work with you to collect a payment to ensure it is easy for you and successful for us. We can invoice in advance or after the service; we can accept a PO, check, direct deposit, or a credit card payment. If your office is on a Caribbean island, we will visit you in February to collect our payment!

Does each participant get a workbook or textbook or something at the end of the course?

Each course we deliver comes with an extensive handbook which covers the content in depth. It reads as a textbook rather than just a summary of notes or the bulleted points of a slide deck.

Do you provide copies of the slides?

No. We find the slides won’t mean anything to the participant after the course and typically get tossed. Instead, we offer an extensive handbook, which covers the content. As professional instructional designers, we also know that a participant is more engaged and interactive if they know they will not be getting the slides.


Within the first few minutes, I realized that I write most things backwards. (The story telling method.) That “Ah Ha” moment starts you off with an open mind to the course. 

I am a better writer and communicator because of this course.

It made me realize the impact that written communication make on a personal image.

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